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If you’ve been thinking about adding a natural pool or water feature to your property or you need to find someone to fix or maintain your existing aquatic garden, give Ponds of New England a call at 413-337-5314.

Our natural water gardens are easy to maintain, chemical free and custom designed.


They blend beautifully with nature and provide you with a serene setting to enjoy with friends and family for years to come.

Your natural pool or pond will be crystal clear and very low maintenance, only requiring a few minutes a week of your time to add your dried bacteria and empty the skimmer basket. And if that is too much work for you, we offer a pondless waterfall.

Pondless waterfalls are just that, waterfalls without a pond. They are perfect for the homeowner with limited space, and will add aesthetic value to your property not to mention years of enjoyment for you, your family and your friends. The water comes from a reservoir at the bottom of the waterfall and is covered in gravel so that it is kid safe; it is then pumped to the top and comes down the falls back into the reservoir. This water feature is great for the person on the go or with kid's. It is the lowest in maintenance and can be turned off if you are away on vacation or at the end of each evening to save energy. And in the future when the kids grow up you can add a pond if you wish.

Our services include:  Design, Waterfalls, Installation, Pondless waterfalls, Water gardens, Fountains, Natural Pools,   wetland filters, Koi ponds, Complete landscaping, Streams, Stone pathways.

Call Ponds of New England at 413-337-5314 for a free estimate on your water garden repair work or to schedule a design consultation.

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